Try the best worm products made in Tucson to help your plants thrive 🌱

“Everything I plant thrives, including things I have had problems growing in the past. I use lots of your worm castings in the soil a couple times a year and it makes a big difference. I also make worm casting tea a few times a year and pour it over the entire garden. Thanks for the excellent product.”

Mike McNab in Tucson, AZ

inch by inch local worm castings, tucson, az

About Us

We are INCH BY INCH — a Tucson, Arizona-based and locally owned worm and worm casting business.

Our mission is to grow the healthiest worms and make the best soil supplements we can, to sell these at a fair price, and to make our plant environment stronger and healthier. We are devoted to a beneficial relationship with our customers and Mother Earth.

WE'rE Building a Circular Food System

We Feed Our Worms Only the Finest Food Waste From These Suppliers

What are Worm Castings?

As worms digest food, they leave their castings behind which contain a perfect mix of nutritional needs for plants and soil.

They’re the perfect natural nutritional blend for your soil! We’re the only producer in Tucson.

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