How to Use Casting Tea

What is Worm Casting Tea?

 Worm casting tea is perfect for plants that are already growing. It’s easy to apply directly to the soil or as a spray to the leaves! It will result in immediate accelerated growth and improvement in the health of your plants of all kinds.

Here are all the different ways you can use it:

  • Use worm tea as an inoculate for potting soil. The nutrients in worm tea help seedlings grow strong.
  • Add it to the soil of established plants. For healthier, stronger, and more fruitful plants.
  • Worm tea helps rehabilitate polluted soil. The worm tea will help sequester the heavy metals found in chemicals.
  • Spray it directly on leaves. It will help your plants produce more foliage and larger stems. This greatly helps plants that are lacking enough sun.
  • Add worm tea to a compost pile to speed-up the break-down process.


How to Use the Tea on Your Plants

Worm compost tea should be diluted with water at a 15:1 ratio to cover more area. 

Add it to your watering can or spray bottle and cover the whole plant with compost tea.

Note: be sure to strain the worm tea before adding it to a spray bottle.

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