What Are Worm Castings?

Worm Castings are Worm Poop

As worms digest food, they leave their castings behind in the bedding or soil where they live. Worm castings (or vermicompost) are worm excrement. The castings are made up of live biological organisms, including fungi, actinomycetes, beneficial bacteria, pseudomonads, plant growth regulators, yeasts, molds, trace elements and Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K). Castings actually contain a perfect mix of nutritional needs.

Worm castings are harmless to children, pets, and plants (in any dosage). Castings have no odor themselves. They are pathogen-free and play a significant role in cleaning up the soil they are placed in. There is no requirement for a license to spread castings, even if done by a professional company on your private land. You cannot overload plants, shrubs, grass or vegetables—even if you plant them in 100% castings. Castings need water to activate but failure to water immediately will not burn plants as fertilizers are known to do. Use in home environments for a safe, no-odor, easy-care soil enhancement that will reduce plant demand for water.

Benefits of Worm Castings

Improved Plant Growth
Research has shown improved plant size, bloom quantity, quality, and color for flowers. Fruit and vegetable tests have shown significant yield increases as well as improvements in taste and appearance.

Fungus Control
The complete soil food biology found in worm castings will quickly control fungus problems on a long term basis. Within a few weeks plants suffering from fungus problems will show significant improvement that lasts.

Castings achieve the same or higher rates of growth without the high concentrations of NPK found in chemical fertilizers that are now known to be environmental hazards to our waterways and soils.

Biological Decomposition
The decomposition rate of many biological materials is dramatically increased with the addition of worm castings.

Soil Softening
Soils can become hardened with the reduction of beneficial soil biology. Adding worm castings provides the biology needed to return the soil to a softened state.

Insect Repellent
Testing has shown that several microorganisms found in worm castings stimulate the organisms in plants that work as repellants for a large array of insects.

“Inch by Inch has provided me with worm castings for the past couple of years. These form the best possible fertilizer and have helped my garden tremendously!”

Gautam G. in Tucson, AZ
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