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Inch by Inch AZ Worm Castings

Home Garden Consultations

Not sure what your garden or plot of land needs?

Schedule a one-on-one home garden consultation with our very own Raul Garcia. This service includes site visit, soil sample exam under a microscope, and recommendations for treatment or amendments.

Raul is a plant and soil enthusiast, who is passionate about soil health and plant sustainability. He’s always happy to speak about plants and soil, with the opportunity of onsite consultation he can get a good understanding of what is happening with your soil and plants.

Upon request he can conduct a soil analysis which consists of a nitrogen test, ph reading, sediment test, and a viewing under the microscope.

He aims to educate anyone on proper practices for their specific site, with his personal recommendations.

Raul has seven years of gardening experience with tropical trees, vegetables, and native trees and plants. This has taught him that the soil is key to healthy, happy plants. He has studied with Matt Powers who created the curriculum for regenerative and permaculture practices in small to large scale agriculture.

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