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Inch by Inch AZ Worm Castings

Casting Tea Home Application - 30 minute appointment

We want to make use of our worm castings tea as easy and available as possible, especially where larger areas or numbers of plants make hand watering with tea impractical.
Therefore, you can order on-site delivery of 50 gallons of fresh tea, sprayed directly into your garden as a soil drench or foliar spray in 30 minutes. No mixing, no equipment, no mess. We bring all of it to your yard.
While we are very excited to offer worm castings tea with its considerable biological benefit, we know that it can be time-consuming and tedious to mix and deliver tea for homeowners
In addition, the short shelf life of the tea makes it difficult to distribute before it expires. 
All you have to do is place your order online, schedule your appointment at least two days in advance, and fill out a short questionnaire. Make sure to be home the first time to show us where to distribute tea. We can’t wait to offer this service to our customers.
Once paid, please schedule here:
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