How to Use Worm Castings

Worm castings are a perfect organic and natural fertilizer with naturally balanced levels of minerals and nutrients for your garden. Worm castings will not burn your seeds or the roots of your plants and adding them to your plants is simple!


When planting: Worm castings can be added to potting soil at a ratio of 1 parts castings to 5 parts potting soil, or mixed into the soil of existing house plants.

Pre-established plants: Top-dress every 2-3 months as plants absorb the nutrients.


Raised beds: Spread and incorporate 1 to 4 inches of worm castings into surface soil of your raised beds.

Transplants: Add castings to the bottom of the planting hole when setting our transplants.

Established plants: Work into the soil of established flowers and vegetables.

Seeds: When planting seeds put a handful of worm castings in each hole.

Side-dress: with 1/2 cup of castings per plant during the growing season.


Established trees: For top-dressing trees add 2 cups of castings per inch diameter of the tree. Spread from the trunk to the drip-line (where the leaf canopy ends) scratch in, water, and cover with mulch.

New trees: Add castings to the bottom of the planting hole when planting your tree.

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